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00tz 00tz

 [Aural Alchemy Records]

00tz 00tz Industrial Music! Heavy, catchy, sexy, melodic, thought provoking new electronic music.

00tz 00tz (SPELLED with ZEROS pronounced like the sound of the beat in electronic music, namely industrial music) is an industrial band that was originally created in late 2008. This industrial dark electronica project was originally created by then sole member Nicky Phoenix who prior, was a veteran musician on the metal/industrial scene. Nicky Phoenix started up 00tz 00tz as a solo instrumental project in March of 2008. Later featured on the the release of 00tz 00tz's second Album "Frequency Damage" in 2010, was vocalist Krysta Veronica Button who then began to lend her aggressive voice and lyrics to the overall sound of 00tz 00tz. Both Nicky & Krysta musically evolved & blended both their vocals together on albums after. Over the past fifteen years, 00tz 00tz has released 6 albums on various record labels. 00tz 00tz have been featured on many various industrial, electronic, alternative compilations. 00tz 00tz has remixed other artists and had their music remixed by other artists within the industrial scene. 00tz 00tz always delivers electric high energy performances which are not to be missed.


Nicky Phoenix - Music, Synths, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Programming, Vox

Krysta Veronica Button - Vox, Arrangement

Mike Jet Hendrick - Live Keyboardist

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